Do you want to foster team collaboration, do better follow-ups and improve the management of your communications, meetings and files in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem? This is the Efficiency and Collaboration course for you. You can discover all the tools that can help your business run well – Excel, Word, Teams, To Do, OneNote, Lists, Sway, Planner, Stream and many more!

1. Microsoft 365 Introduction

Attend the free online Demystify Microsoft 365 session and discover in no time how to increase the efficiency of your work teams.

In this 90-minute session, you will learn about the main tools included in Microsoft 365, and how to use them to make your teams more efficient. In addition, we will reveal the best practices to implement to evolve and modernize your culture and your workspace, virtual or not. 

This session is an excellent way to understand the basics so that you can become familiar with the Microsoft ecosystem… and our unique approach! 

Discover all the tools that can help your business run well  – Excel, Word, Teams, To Do, OneNote, Lists, Sway, Planner, Stream and many more! 

2. Structure Your Team

Maximize your Microsoft 365 user experience with greater knowledge of the various tools and improve your ability to innovate, structure and govern with our Microsoft 365 Co-Development, Tools, Structure and Governance Workshop.

The one-day virtual workshop will allow you to identify which tools are the most relevant for your team and make an informed choice. During this workshop, we will help you create your own collaboration structure. We will also share with you our best tips for successful implementation, while helping you get into action quickly  

Online workshops allow you to progress at your own pace, on-demand, according to your needs and interests! 

3. Evolve

Train the key people in your teams with our innovative format giving you access to more than 35 different training courses. In all, there is a total of over 60 in-depth hours on the use of the various tools in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

The short and dynamic training courses delivered through Microsoft Teams are available on-demand, at the time that is most convenient for you. To do so, the participant will choose the date and time of the sessions that are convenient for them and will add a note about it to their agenda. 

Have any questions afterwards? Each week, time slots are made available for everyone to ask questions directly to the expert who will be present. 

For more information on the Demystify Microsoft 365 course or for any questions, contact us! 

All starting from $82.50 per month per person.