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Efficiency Program

Thanks to our unique subscription formula, attend videoconference training from anywhere, as many times as you want and according to your schedule. Go for a next level training culture!

Subscription: Efficient

Unlimited training support for 6 months
Access to a Microsoft Team to converse and exchange with the community and experts
Monthly Attendance Report


  • Demystify Microsoft 365 and discover how to boost your Team’s productivity
  • Time Management in the Digital Age
  • Manage your priorities, tasks and follow-ups in Outlook and To Do
  • Modern management and efficient meetings with Teams
  • Tips and tricks on communicating efficiently in Teams and Microsoft 365
  • File management in OneDrive, Teams and the SharePoint libraries
  • Task assignment and team management in AGILE mode with Planner 
  • Teamwork and collaboration with Teams
  • Efficient note taking with OneNote to reduce the use of paper
  • Word, Excel and PowerPoint on the web & app essentials
  • Tips and tricks to fully enjoy all features of Outlook on the Web and on mobile devices
  • Jazz up SharePoint Homepages and Teams
  • Manage Sharing and Security of SharePoint Sites, Libraries and Folders in Teams
  • File management in OneDrive, Teams and the SharePoint libraries
  • Lists in Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and Teams
  • Make the most of Microsoft Forms
  • Improve Process automation with Power Automate
  • Building high performing teams in the era of digital technology
  • Agility and resilience are key in the era of digital transformation
  • Engaging & Motivating in the Era of Working Remotely
  • Presenting, persuading, and holding people’s attention in the virtual meetings
  • Remote Work 2.0 and “Virtual Quotient” – Welcome to hybrid mode
  • Building lasting relationships in a virtual context – Emotional Intelligence
  • KCC People Skills Question Forum
  • Data Transformation and Queries with Excel and Power BI
  • Create powerful reports and Introduction to DAX language with Power BI